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 Thanks to the wonders of freelancing, even if you do not know a single thing about building a website to promote your business to an online market, you can expand to an Internet platform and grow your bottom line exponentially. From the design of the site, to the placement of a shopping cart, to driving web traffic, to the development of page content, contract workers can complete all setup tasks and transform your current shop into an e-business overnight.

 First, you need to know what you would like your site to offer and what kind of experience you want visitors to have. What type of goods will you sell? Would you like informative articles to educate visitors about the kind of products you sell? Should the site make suggestions based on previous product pages the visitor has seen? Once you design the kind of shopping experience you want to offer, you are on your way to navigating the world of e-commerce.

 Though there are a few disadvantages to marketing your products and services online, there are also some clear advantages. The most obvious reward is that you immediately gain a worldwide presence that stretches far beyond your city limits – without you having the expense of outfitting stores in multiple locations. The cost is very minimal to start. Some online businesses cost less than $20 to launch. With such a low overhead and a low barrier to entry for those who do not have a lot of startup capital, merchants are able to sell internationally with little to no fuss. Of course, the low barrier also means that it is fairly easy for anyone to become a competitor, so launching an e-business will require constant monitoring of trends and benchmarks to stay ahead of the game.

 Having such a wide reach in an online business can also create a potential order fulfillment hazard for the small business. It can become very easy for demand to outgrow supply. The mass market that is organic to the online arena will require that a vendor has enough products or enough service time to fulfill orders. Smaller companies sometimes are not able to keep up with all the orders that come in daily. One solution that has worked for meeting costs has been to buy wholesale stock to sell online. Wholesale and dollar items placed on either auction or merchant sites require little investment and can yield great profits if the markup is high enough.

 In addition to cutting costs on the inventory side of an online business, there are some opportunities to cut costs in promoting the site, too. Advertising and marketing in real-time settings always involves some huge margins of error in which the money spent of campaigns cannot be recouped through sales. E-business is designed to be more streamlined because it targets the customers who are genuinely interested in your products. Advertising models like pay-per-click campaigns only require you to pay for promoting to visitors who have actually clicked on your ads. This model cuts waste. Affiliate marketing, in which freelancing bloggers and journalists place your ads on their sites and share profits, is also a targeted approach.

 Zeroing in on the right customers reduces the amount of time spent trying to secure sales that could never happen. Once you have a customer, though, you must do everything in your power to keep that customer coming back. The online world represents a unique opportunity to do that. Customer service in e-business is often more easily achieved than in person because there are simply more tools to meet customers’ needs. The Internet format provides the chance to be personable – just as agents are in real-time sales. Many sites present live freelance agents who chat with customers in a pop-up window to answer all questions and make transactions smooth. 

 Freelancers can assist the customer service process tremendously in e-business. Though you are always the boss, you can hire independent workers to complete the entire order fulfillment process – from answering questions about products to shipping and customer feedback. Imagine starting a business in which your primary role is to dream your dream of e-business ownership and then delegate the minute details to others. Freelancing empowers you to continue building and not be distracted by the many tasks that are required to operate.

 With freelancers in place, your earning potential as an online business is unlimited. You may even be able to accumulate enough free time to start a second or third business. Because it takes time to create a well-oiled machine and grow a business, the profit you can expect to see may not always be immediate. When the profits do finally come in, though, you will have built a business that can be run from anywhere. If you have the right freelancing structure in place, you can be on vacation and still watch your income grow. E-business is one of the most foolproof ways to move into a new income bracket. It is the virtual field of dreams: when you build it through freelancing, the customers will come

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