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Freelancing Contracts

freelancer contract


Being a freelancer sounds like an easy and desirable job. Freelancers are not bound to any offices and can choose where they want to work. Freelancers are also free to choose their own schedules and are not confined to the 9-5 hours that most office jobs require. Although freelancing has its advantages, most people who become independent contractors have a few pitfalls to avoid.

Independent contractors, or freelancers, are hired under a contract. This contract is very important as it outlines all the terms agreed between the freelancer and the hiring officer. Independent business owners, agencies and major companies hire freelancers to work for a certain amount of time under contract. This helps increase production for any business whether its writing, graphic design, innovative projects and so on. Below are a few points that all freelancers must pay attention to before accepting a contract.

Payment for Services

One section of the contract outlines the terms for payment for the services performed. This includes a clear amount of compensation for the service. If the freelancer is writing articles, the contract must include how much the freelancer is getting paid per article or per word. The payment section must also include the payment schedule and both parties must agree to all terms of payment.


Every independent contractor must look at the services and deliverables outlined in the contract before agreeing to them. As a freelancer, it is important to know what services you are going to complete and make sure you do not agree to work that you do not want to do. You can also refer back to the contract if the work you are asked to do does not match what is included in the contract.

Rights of Intellectual Property

Every contract must include the terms for the rights to the work produced. Intellectual property is an important issue for both parties to be aware of. Everyone must know who owns rights to the work produced in order to avoid any lawsuits. If you do not want to company to have any rights to original work, you must know where the company stands for this issue.

freelance contracts


Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A non-disclosure agreement is almost always included in the contract for hiring a freelancer. A freelancer must know when he or she is allowed to disclose information about a company project or the launching of a business. This information is also important for freelancers wh

o want to include a project in their portfolios. Some companies do not allow and disclosure of information about projects and freelancers must know this in order to avoid getting in trouble. It is important to know this information so that the project is aligned with your freelancing goals.

Expenses Paid

Some freelancers are asked to do additional tasks for their projects including driving to a certain place, using certain software or equipment and so on. Freelancers must know whether these expenses are paid for before accepting a job in order to not fall into any financial strain.

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