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How do I Decline a Bid Proposal?
Once your bid is awarded, you will find all the current auction history in the Selling Activity section of the My CP controls, within Service Auctions Selling Activity.Check off the au...
How Can I Leave Feedback for the Provider?
Within the Service Auctions Buying Activity, once the project is complete and transactions are final, there will be a feedback link under the status column.Click to leave feedback, and...
Purchase Now feature
Purchase Now feature allows you to sell multiple items within your live auction until the bid amounts reach the Purchase Now value.For example, if you sold 3 computers via Purchase Now...
Invoice Generation and Transaction Fees
Once a service auction has been awarded to a service provider by the owner and the escrow funding process has been funded and released, there may be other costs involved aside from the amount forwa...
What is a PPI Campaign?
The term PPI stands for Pay Per Impression where the advertiser pays an agreed amount for a set amount of times (impressions) the ad delivers to his or her website from a link or banner.
How do I Access my Message History?
All messages sent and received will be saved and archived in the My CP Message Manager, to download message history, you simply use the pulldown menu to select download by Text or CSV....
How do I Save Auction Listings that Interest Me?
Each auction listing will provide an Add to Watchlist link within the Service Details, simply click on the link and your auction will be saved along with any comments you include as a reminder....
What does Pending Escrow mean from my Next Step column?
After a service auction has been awarded the service provider would see Pending Escrow under their Next Step column if the auction owner (buyer) has not funded the escrow account for that auction.
Reserve Price
A reserve price is a value that an auction owner would set for their product or item that must be met before that auction can be won by any bidder.A reserve price is a value that is hi...
How Do I Accept a Project?
From the My CP, within the Service Auctions Selling Activity, you can manage all bidding activity and awarded projects.In the Awarded Bids tab, you will see the auction that has been a...
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