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Learn everything you need to know about buying services on our marketplace.
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1st  How does the highlight listing work?
A highlight listing feature gives quality promotion to your auction. When you highlight your auction, it becomes clear to buyers who pays extra to promote their auction.A highlighted a...
2nd  How does the featured item work?
Featuring your auction with the marketplace lets your auctions randomly show on our home page, and other areas of navigation throughout the marketplace category engine.Featured items g...
3rd  Item Start Price
When listing your product / item, you have the option to set the starting price for your auction bidders will start their bids from....
4th  Purchase Now feature
Purchase Now feature allows you to sell multiple items within your live auction until the bid amounts reach the Purchase Now value.For example, if you sold 3 computers via Purchase Now...
5th  Reserve Price
A reserve price is a value that an auction owner would set for their product or item that must be met before that auction can be won by any bidder.A reserve price is a value that is hi...
6th  Image Hosting
Item image hosting is a service that our marketplace provides our product merchants that include support for multiple product image uploading for one or more live auctions.A major adva...
7th  How does the BOLD feature work?
When buyers search the marketplace for products, items and / or services, results displayed to them are bold vs non-bold auctions which provide a unique approach to help promote your auction....
8th  Escrow process after product auction award
Directly after an auction has been won by a high bidder (product auctions) the bidder must proceed to fund that auctions escrow account for the amount of the last highest bid placed.Wh...
9th  Invoice Generation and Transaction Fees
Once a service auction has been awarded to a service provider by the owner and the escrow funding process has been funded and released, there may be other costs involved aside from the amount forwa...
10th  Who pays the transaction fee for generating a new invoice?
If a service provider needs to create additional invoices to be paid by their buyers, a transaction fee is paid by the service provider.When a new invoice is generated to the buyer, a ...
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