Life Working As Freelancer – It is Flexible and Self-Governed

FreelancersThe job of a free agent is always challenging as well as exciting. For people that prefer to have challenges and excitement in their professional career, freelancing is just best for them. Most of the time a freelancer’s life is full of rewards. This way of working allows you to select your own hours to accomplish your assignments and projects.

There are quite a lot of people that want to follow the freelancing way while working for a traditional job. They are usually fed up with the 9 to 5 schedule, the reports, the office bureaucracy, and the office politics which lets put it simple in many ways they don’t allow you to complete the work. So the problem with many professionals today is that although they are overwhelmed with the advantages of being a freelancer they are also confused with the ways to start.

Working from home, can help you earn plenty of money. Freelancing gives you the ability to participate in many individual projects whenever this is required. By getting involved into many freelance projects you will dramatically increase your revenue but of course your work-hours will also increase. And this is what the freelancing career is all about in reality, flexibility and autonomy. So if you need more money you work more hours, if not you can end up working a couple of hours and still earn enough money to have a decent living. So in reality freelancing gives you the flexibility of being able to work only the hours you want, at least I don’t know any other job that allows you to get up 11:00 in the morning make your coffee and sit on the computer wearing your athletics , or even have a couple of hours break to socialize with friends. Added to this is that freelancers are usually getting paid more than employees, for the same type of jobs.

Freelancers have chosen a conscious lifestyle and that is the most exciting part for any freelancing job. More often they want to create a perfect balance between their social life and professional career in order to grab the right control. Well, for a freelancer the money earnings are always an equation on which the time he spends for assignments is a critical factor.

But unfortunately freelancing does not come only with advantages. Freelancers cannot enjoy the job security employees have (although with the today’s recession you can never be secure). As a freelancer no one will pay for your training, certification or relocation, and these are usually required by most employers require. Last but not least consider some of the thinks that employees take them for granted while freelancers need to pay for them, like insurance, corporate computer cell phone and sometimes corporate car, and of course pay for your vacations or give you a bonus even if no project exist.

On the other hand creating freelance projects and hiring freelance workers is of great benefit for the employers also. In reality in most cases sitting 8 hours a day in small cubicles and getting paid a fixed salary is simple unproductive. Most employees are able to work only with 20%-40% efficiency in a corporate environment. This efficiency level is enough to show that most corporate workers in reality spend only 2 – 4 hours of work daily. Employers now are asked to pay for electricity, office rent, furniture, sometimes employee’s lunches, pay for training and many other daily operational expenses. Employers benefit much more by hiring freelancers and building virtual teams. Using freelancers will dramatically reduce their operational expenses and increase productivity.

A report from Freelance Switch provides great statistics that were produced from a survey included 3700 freelancers (

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3 Responses to “Life Working As Freelancer – It is Flexible and Self-Governed”

  • Ethan:

    I am a freelancer. I have accounts in odesk,, rent a and more. I get nearly 50$ daily. Now I have plans to hire some one to work for me online. Freelancing is really a good business. We have nothing to lose.

  • Barbara:

    Ethan, you are great. I am also a freelancer. I specialize in ghost writing. Is there any way for me to make money online. Please , anybody help me.

  • Mel:

    Hi Barbara,

    In reality you can find many freelance projects on line.try to create a nice blog that will use to promote your skills.

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