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Listings where more than one keyword is present

Enter keywords using a space to separate each word

used DVD player

Listings that contain specific words in a specific display order

Use quotation marks around the words or phrases

"new DVD player"

Listings that do not contain a specific word or phrase

Use the minus operator before the word to be excluded

PHP programmer -ASP

Listings that match a specific Country and or Industry

Type full Country name and words separated by spaces

Canada Web Designer

Listings that do not contain several words or phrases

Use the minus sign before the group of words separated by commas and put in parentheses

shirt -(black,green,purple) or shirt -black -green -purple

Listings where one word or another is present

Enter keywords in parentheses separated by commas


Listings with words starting with a particular sequence of letters

Enter the letter sequence followed by an asterisk


Listings that contain only a specific spelling of a word

Enter the keywords or phrases in quotes


Listings that match the exact words

Place quotes around any single keyword

"horror" DVD

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